Pad thai - Thai street food

This is a quick and easy dish, served as fast food in Thailand. I probably spend about 20 minutes making it. You can use canned bean sprouts, but the fresh ones taste much better.

4 ss tamarindpaste

12 tablespoons water

8 tbsp fish sauce

8 tablespoons brown sugar

4 tbsp soy sauce

1 packet of glass noodles

5 tbsp rapeseed oil

4 cloves finely chopped garlic

2 egg

1 pk tofu diced

200 g bean sprouts

6 finely shredded spring onions

150 g peanuts

2 ts chiliflak

200 g shrimp

You start with the sauce, which consists of tamarind paste, water, fish sauce, brown sugar and soy sauce, which are stirred together and set aside.

The next thing you need to do is boil a pot of water for the glass noodles. Let them soak in the water for 5 minutes, before rinsing them in cold water and setting them aside.

Heat rapeseed oil in a wok over medium heat. Add the garlic and let it simmer a little in the oil, before adding the eggs and stirring until it starts to look like scrambled eggs. Add tofu and stir for 2 min.

Add bean sprouts, noodles, sauce, spring onions, peanuts, chili flakes and shrimp. Let it cook for 5 minutes, stirring constantly.