The rapporteur's shrimp soup

The mayor's prawn soup is the specialty of a former mayor in Kristiansand. He uses the shrimp shells to add shrimp flavor to the stock. It is important that the prawns are completely fresh.

1 kg shrimp

1 good blob of butter

4 ss mel

2 ltr fishing power

1 ss paprika powder

2 dl cream

1 dab of dry sherry

Fry shrimp shells in a good dollop of butter in a sauté pan. Sprinkle with flour, add fish stock and paprika powder. Let it cook for 1/2 hour before straining the shells and discarding them. Add cream and sherry.

When serving the mayor's prawn soup, a few cleaned prawns are placed in each plate and the soup is poured over. Served with good bread or home-baked baguettes and aioli.

We have learned that the mayor's prawn soup does not turn out well when heated, so it must be eaten when it is freshly made.

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