Tapas - Spanish snacks

Tapas can be varied almost endlessly. It does not have to be that much work either, you decide.

The beauty of tapas is that the guests can choose what they want and that the tapas meals often last a long time, which we think is nice.

This time I have used chicken sticks, pickled mangoes, stuffed chili, pickled peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and Spanish cheeses, which you can buy at Meny. In addition, we have mozzarella balls, a couscous salad, bean salad, stuffed dates, olives, aioli, and a delicious, Spanish bacon.

The omelette is what the Spanish call a tortilla. Ours consists of fried potato slices, bacon cubes, beaten egg, cream, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper. On top we have added finely chopped spring onions and grated cheese. You can find the recipe for tortillas here .

I always serve tapas with delicious bread, for example olive bread or focaccia, for which you can find the recipe here . Both can be bought ready-made, but are also easy to bake yourself.

The yellow tableware is hand-painted and we have taken it home little by little, from Spain.


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