Mongolian hat

In connection with our visit to Frankfurt last weekend, we were so lucky that we were invited home to a family living there.

They served us something they called Mongolian hat. It is a kind of powered copper pot. They made a delicious power, in which they boiled potato cubes. When the potatoes were tender, they poured everything into the hat. They added eggplant cubes, squash cubes, broccoli and finely shredded leeks. They had divided pork, beef and chicken into cubes. We were given coarse-mesh tea strainer in which we put the meat and cooked it in the power.

When we picked up the strainer with the pre-cooked meat, it came with vegetables as well. They had put out several delicious sauces, which dipped the food in.

I who always like to try something new, cost me a lot.

They had also made a green, traditional sauce from Frankfurt, which consists of seven different herbs. I got the recipe with me and will make it, until the summer, when I get to sow the herbs I can not buy in the shops here.

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