Koklemos is one of my childhood dishes. It consisted of minced meat, onions and div. vegetables. It has gradually become several different dishes, but common to all is that they are quick to make, that everything is in a pot and gives little dishes and well it tastes good too. I have just discovered that mashed potatoes do not exist, but here is the recipe for one of them anyway. We call this luxury koklemos, since it contains both bacon and mushrooms.

2 finhakkede løk

500 g karbonadedeig

1 pk smårettbacon

1 pk sjampinjong i skiver

1/2 ltr oksekraft, ev. vann og oksefond

8 poteter i terninger

4 gulrøtter i terninger

1 persillerot i terninger

1/2 sellerirot i terninger

2 laurbærblader

1 boks erter

1 finsnittet purre

Slightly finely chopped parsley leaves

Salt and pepper

Brown onion, chop dough, small bacon and sliced mushroom in a saucepan. Add beef broth, if necessary. water and beef fund. Add diced potatoes, carrots, parsley and celery root and bay leaves. Let the mashed potatoes simmer until the vegetables are tender, because you add peas, leeks and parsley and season with salt and pepper.

Koklemos is perfect to make in larger quantities, which you can freeze in suitable portions and take up eventually, in a busy everyday life.

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