Massaman biffwok

Massaman beef wok is a lovely Thai dish, which is quick to make. If you want, you can use chicken or pork instead of beef.

2 ss peanøttolje

800 g strimlet storfekjøtt

2 strimlede rødløk

100 g rød curry paste

1 boks kokosmelk

2 finhakkede chili

1 pk frisk spinat

A little grated coconut

Heat peanut oil in a wok or high frying pan. Add meat and red onion. Stir until the meat gets a nice brown crust and the onion becomes soft. Add curry paste, coconut milk and chili. Let it cook for a few minutes. Add fresh spinach, stir lightly and let it cook for 1 minute (no longer, because then the spinach will be loose and wet). Serve massaman beef wok with rice and fox coconut on top.

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