Luxury scallops

Luxury tart shells are a slightly more exclusive variant of tart shells, which can taste good as an appetizer or as a lunch dish. I think they are a little more fun to serve at dinner parties, than the usual tart shells.

2 tablespoons butter

2 ts curry

4 dl milk

2 ss mel

1 small bag of frozen vegetables

200 g salmon fillet

1 handful of finely chopped chives

100 g fresh prawns

1 glass ørretrogn

Radish sprouts, or other sprouts

1 lime

Melt the butter, stir in the curry and flour. Dilute with the milk while stirring. Let it cook for a few minutes, before seasoning with salt and pepper. Add frozen vegetables, such as peas and carrots. Add the salmon fillet in cubes and let everything heat through. Just before serving, add some chives and fresh shrimp. Heat the pie shells in the oven for a few minutes, before filling them with the fish mixture. I have topped the luxury tart shells with shrimp, trout roe, radish sprouts and a slice of lime.

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