Grilled banana - good and simple

When you first grill, it is easy to make the dessert on the grill as well. Grilled banana tastes good and you choose how "adult" you want to make it.

Average 1 banana per person. lengthwise and stick 3 pieces of chocolate in each banana. I've used cappuccino chocolate, but you can use your favorite chocolate. Place the bananas high up on the grill (or on indirect heat) with the cut up. Close the lid and wait for 5-6 minutes, until the chocolate has melted a little.

Served with ice cream and maybe some liqueur. Here I have used Pisang Ambon. Garnish with a mint leaf.

You can of course use ice cream from the store, but if you want to impress a little extra, you will find a recipe for homemade ice cream HERE .


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