Bollefrikassé is an old and good dish with stuffed buns and vegetables. This recipe is suitable for 4 people.

500 g farse

5 carrots

250 grams of celery root

2 never bladpersille

1 purre

2 parsley roots

1 ltr. good power or use water and chicken stock


1 dl cream




Divide all the vegetables into cubes, finely chop the parsley and shred the leeks and cook them in the power. Use a spoon and form bowls of the mince, which you carefully place in the boiling power. Add curry and let it cook until the vegetables are tender and the bowls are cooked (about 10-15 minutes). Add 1 dl cream and cornstarch until it has a suitable sauce consistency. Season with salt and pepper. Served with potatoes. If you want to make everything in a saucepan, you can divide the paws into cubes and add them at the same time as the vegetables.


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