Then the wonder was ready for use in the garden - a newly acquired pizza oven (in which I can also bake bread)

We've been talking about pizza oven for a few years, but since my boyfriend turns 50 this summer, this was a nice surprise. I ordered it and thought it was a few weeks delivery time, but within four days it was in the courtyard. We had decided where it should stand, so then it was just to turn around and cast a plate it could stand on and order a crane truck.

Here is the oven, ready for use. We are going to buy a slate plate, which we will lay in front of the stove.

Now all you have to do is fire up and start pizza production.

You will find lots of exciting pizzas on the blog .


If you want to see the home-made outdoor kitchen, you can click here.

The pizza oven is from Forno. They also have several models,




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