Salmon sandwich with mustard sauce and pickled vegetables

Salmon sandwich with mustard sauce and pickled vegetables is one of my lunch favourites. We serve the sandwich with boat potatoes. It is important to use a good bread, e.g. country bread. The recipe is intended for 1 person, so here you just need to multiply.

The boat potatoes:

Drizzle a little olive oil in a long pan, divide the potatoes into boats, put them in the long pan, add salt and pepper, drizzle over a little more oil and put them in the oven at full blast. When they start to get a little color, turn down to 200 degrees and let them fry until crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
Pickled vegetables:

Since the pickled vegetables only get better by being able to pull a little, it is smart to start with them early as well. They can be made the day before as well. You can find the recipe HERE .


The next thing that is smart to do is the sauce. You can of course buy it ready-made, but it tastes much better homemade. You can find the recipe for the sauce HERE .

Salmon sandwich:

Cut 2 slices of bread and toast them in a hot frying pan, with added oil and a couple of cloves of garlic, until golden.

Season 200 g of salmon with fish seasoning and fry it in butter in another pan, until almost cooked through, but not completely. If you want to take the salmon in sous vide, you can season it and vacuum it with a little butter or oil, before putting it in sous viden at 45 degrees for 25 minutes.

Place 1 slice of bread on a plate, place on salad, with the salmon on top and the other slice on top. Skewer the sandwich with a small wooden skewer, with the pointed end up. Three on a pickle slice, tomatoes and a lime boat.

Add potatoes and the pickled carrots. Put on a bowl with a little mustard sauce. Garnish with some good roe and dill and serve.

Salmon sandwich with mustard sauce, pickled vegetables and boat potatoes
Salmon sandwich with mustard sauce and pickled vegetables

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