Chinese New Year

Today the Chinese celebrate the New Year and what could be better than making some Chinese food today.

According to an ancient legend in China, Nian was a monster that could enter people's houses silently. The Chinese believed that Nian was afraid of noise and red, and they scared it away with explosions, fireworks and the use of red indoors. These customs led to the first celebrations of Chinese New Year.

Many traditions are associated with the celebration. The New Year's party is usually held on New Year's Eve, while on New Year's Day, the Chinese travel on friends and family visits. Midnight is celebrated with china putters and fireworks. An almost obligatory symbol-laden dish in larger parts of China is fish. In northern China, jiaozi, which is otherwise everyday food, is just as obligatory on the dining table. One also tends to eat tangyuan.

Children, but also many others, usually get a New Year's surprise in a red envelope, and many workplaces hand out a 13th monthly salary to the employees.

You will find several exciting dishes from China here.

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