I grew up with a father who always ate everything and taught us that everything should be tasted. Since I grew up inland, we did not have access to fresh crabs and I learned to eat both mussels and crab from canned, on a slice of bread, with mayonnaise on. The joyful shock was great, when I finally got to taste these wonderful delicacies from the sea as fresh.

I remember especially well once we were out in the boat and big, beautiful crabs, crawled up on land, so we could just pick them up with us, haul them in the pot, clean and eat.

Live crab must be boiled in plenty of water and salt, about 50 grams per liter.

Put the live crabs in the water boiling water, let the water boil between each crab, so they die quickly. The crabs should pull for 15-25 minutes and are ready when the small claws can be easily pulled off.

Take the crab out of the boiling water and leave it on its back to cool. Before eating, the pope (the crab's stomach) and gills are removed. We share them as you can see in the pictures, with the shell, claws and footrest separately.

We serve the crabs with loaf, butter, vinegar, pepper and mayonnaise.

Boiled crab should be eaten freshly cooked or cooled and stored in the refrigerator. It should not be stored for more than 1 day before it is either eaten or frozen.


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