Tabbouleh can replace rice in many dishes. It also tastes great as part of a meze (eastern and southern Mediterranean's answer to tapas).

You can buy tabbouleh as a halavfabrikata in well-stocked grocery stores, but it tastes best when it is homemade.

0.6 dl bulgur
2.8 dl finely chopped parsley
1/2 kg solid red tomatoes (finely chopped)
0.6 dl finely chopped onion
1.2 dl lemon juice
1 teaspoon salt (as desired)
1.2 dl olive oil, extra virgin
a pinch of allspice (as desired)

Rinse the mint and parsley and let it drain well and finely chop them. Boil the bulgur in water for 20 minutes. Mix together bulgur, parsley, tomatoes, mint and onions in a bowl. Pour olive oil and lemon juice over and mix well.




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