Thai herring is one of the newer herring varieties on the breakfast table at Christmas, with us. It may sound strange to mix herring with Thai, but this herring variety has made great successContinue reading " Thai herring"


Aquavit herring is good, even if you don't like aquavit too and it's probably my dad's favorite herring. I think everyone likes herring, it's just a matter of finding the right oneContinue reading " Aquavit herring"

Oldebestas herring in the green

Oldebesta's herring in the green is an old family recipe and my absolute favorite herring. 8 cured herring fillets 2 dl mayonnaise 2 dl sour cream 4 tablespoons cucumber mix 1 small glass of capers 4 tablespoons Continue reading "Oldebesta's herring in the green"


Horseradish herring tastes fresh and good and appeals to most people. If you have never cooked herring before, this is a good place to start. 8 cured herring fillets 5 dl sour cream Continue reading "Horse herring"

Port wine herring

Port wine herring is a tasty addition to Christmas breakfasts and is fun to make. I make at least one new kind of herring every year, but port wine herring is a regular. Remember to calculate time Continue reading "Port wine herring"

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