Tagine - our favorite from the north coast of Africa

After a trip to Tunisia many years ago, we went to procure a tagine via the internet. This turned out to be a good buy. We also ordered Raz el Hanout, which is a fantastic spice. The shipment was stopped at customs and I must admit that the bag with the powder looked rather dubious. We got it delivered eventually, with the customs tape over the test hole. It has become a little easier now, as Gourmethuset.no has it in its range and we get it sent from Sandvika or travel there and pick it up ourselves. You do not need a tagine to make tagine dishes. You can use a pot, with almost as good a result. The nice thing is that you can use whatever meat or fish you want yourself. In this recipe we have used chicken. We serve tabouleh to. It is made from bulgur, which is North Africa's answer to rice.


Make bulgur after referring to the package, but I use 50% more water so it does not get so dry.

When the bulgur is done resting, I add finely chopped spring onion or red onion, mint, parsley and raisins. This can be varied according to taste and liking.

Tagine 4 pers.

4 tablespoons neutral oil is poured into the tagnin and heated

2 onions shredded

4 cloves garlic finely chopped

4 chicken fillets in strips

Bake together until it gets a nice color.

Add 2 finely chopped chilies, 1 cm. fresh ginger, a little saffron, 1 cinnamon bark (or 1 teaspoon plain cinnamon), 1 tablespoon Raz el Hanout, pepper, salt, 1 teaspoon tomato puree, a little chicken stock and the juice of 1 lime.

Divide 10 mini tomatoes into two, divide 3 carrots into small cubes and add.

Also add dried fruit as desired. They are divided into small cubes. We have used figs, apricots and dates.

Everything is stirred together and now the rest does itself. Put on the lid and fill cold water in the small room at the top. This means that when the moisture from the food evaporates, it cools down in the lid and flows back into the food. We check from time to time that it does not boil dry and may add more power if it is not moist enough. This dish almost gets better the longer it is allowed to cook. If you use meat from the front part of e.g. lamb, it must stand for a long time, preferably 2-4 hours, while the chicken fillet is finished after about 30 min.

We put the tagine directly on the table, since it is both decorative and keeps the heat well. We often enjoy a Riesling with residual sweetness for such spicy food. Today it was a Dr. L 2014 Riesling.

The tableware is from Indiska. You can buy tagines at Lille Medina in Oslo, they also have an online store. It is important to buy one that is for cooking and not a serving tagine, which does not withstand such strong heat. The serving tagine is great for serving e.g. taboulet.

If you try this dish, I can promise you an exciting taste experience.


For a lovely summer day, but also a day for reflection.

Imagine that it is five years ago already. I well remember the trip home from the cabin in Lillesand that day. The radio in the car was on and we could hardly believe what we heard. The following days we were very proud to live in such a special country, which responded with unity and love instead of hatred and anger. I still feel the same feelings this date every year and think about the pain the people involved and the bereaved must have. Hope we never have to experience something like this again.

Pankofish and chips with tartar sauce - or fish sticks, if you will

This dish is very popular with us and I think it's smart to make it in the summer, when you can stand with the frying pan outside. The fish in fish and chips should actually be made with a mixture of flour, beer and baking powder, but I think this variant with panko will be even better. When I serve fish with us, I am so lucky that I have inherited my grandmother's old fish dish Clupea from Turi-design.


1 bag of mayonnaise

1 ss agurkmiks

3 tbsp capers

1 teaspoon English mustard, or dijon

Slightly finely chopped parsley

Stir everything together and season with salt and pepper.

The fish:

Share 150 g of fish per person. in suitable pieces, add salt and pepper and set it cold, preferably for an hour. The salt makes the fish a little firmer.

Dip the fish pieces in flour, beaten eggs, flour and then eggs again, before rolling in panko (or sprinkles)

Fry 3 fish pieces at a time in frying oil at 170 degrees until golden. It takes approx. 10 minutes.


Del 250 g potatoes per pers. in boats. Boil them in a pot of water and leave them in the boiling water for 4 minutes. Pour off the water and let them dry well before frying until golden for 15 minutes at 170 degrees.


Morning has gold in its mouth

A new, fantastic summer day and I have received a number of questions about the outdoor kitchen.

I bought three flower tables from Clas Ohlson, which my boyfriend partially dismantled and screwed together with parts from an old gray fence we should no longer have.

The sink and faucet were bought from IKEA and the baskets are from Jysk. Of course, there was no room for drawers under the sink, so only the drawer fronts are glued on again. Behind the curtain we have put a gas bottle for the stove and a small water heater. I have sewn the curtain from two cup towels from Green Gate, where the potholders are also from. In the baskets I have put equipment we need for cooking and for cleaning the kitchen.

The knobs are hand-painted and ordered from Leila's Loft, in the USA. I was very excited about whether they would fit the textiles I had already bought, but it was a hit.

The cutlery basket and dryer roll holder come from Riviera Maison.

The wooden boxes we bought at Kremmerhuset are only screwed up on the wall and are used as shelves. On the shelves I have put things I found in drawers and cabinets.

The insect hotel was bought at Felleskjøpet, but since no insects live there, we have decorated it with our own.

I ordered a stove from the Marine Shop and did not discover until it was delivered that it was for installation. Since we did not want to lose more drawers, by building it in, my husband figured out that we could halve one of the wooden boxes and attach it there. A very nice solution, because then it is removable and we have more available bench space when the whole family wants to cook together.

To the right of the kitchen is our grill, with another hob and in front is the dining table, which is also home-made. The outdoor kitchen has really become a delicious and practical oasis for cooking, which we are brilliantly happy with. We always cook there when the weather allows it, like today, when I make delicious fish and chips with tartar sauce.




Sunshine and summer holidays at home

Not everyone is so lucky that they have a garden. I am very fond of mine and I have also got a small stain of approx. 12 sqm. with kitchen garden. There I always have all the herbs I can get, in addition to a little of each other, such as. spring onions, lettuce, cucumber, sugar peas various berries and potatoes. One of the best things I know is to get ingredients from my own production, wash them and put them right in the food.













Salad with berries and crispy parma ham

Salad always tastes good, I think. This variety with berries is a little out of the ordinary and tastes extra good with barbecue or chicken.

Salad of your choice

Finely shredded spring onions

Sugar peas (both the sliced beans themselves and the youngest shoots)

Small tomatoes divided in two



Parma ham (bake on baking paper in the oven at 200 degrees until crisp and brown).

Everything is placed on a plate with the berries and ham on top.



Home-made outdoor kitchen

Here we have used disassembled flower tables from Claes Ohlson, which are assembled together with materials from our old gray fence. I have sewn the curtain of two drying towels from Green Gate. The hobs are actually for boat use, but we have mounted it in a wooden box, similar to those that hang on shelves on the wall.

The insect hotel is from Felleskjøpet

You can find more pictures of the outdoor kitchen here.