Argentine veal fillet with blue mold potatoes and chimichurri

Calculate 200 - 250 g of meat per person.

The veal fillet should have been at room temperature for approx. 30 minutes before grilling. Leave it in the pre-purchased rub before grilling, and it will be extra good. Brown the fillet well on all sides of the grill, before placing it on the upper shelf and leaving it there until it is done cooking. Feel free to insert a roasting thermometer, so you are more confident in the result. The fillet is red when it has a core temperature of 52 degrees and pink when the roasting thermometer shows 55 degrees. Let the fillet rest for approx. 15-20 minutes before cutting and serving.

You can find the recipe for chimichurri here.

You can find the recipe for the potato salad here.

Serve with optional vegetables. I have fried mini tomatoes, mushrooms and onions, which are only seasoned with a little salt and pepper.

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