Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is a popular breakfast drink, which I like to have a glass of on airplanes, for some reason. The color is similar to blood and the drink is named after England's first reigning queen, who is considered quite bloodthirsty, after she judged approx. 300 people to burn at the stake.

The drink was first made at the New York Bar in Paris in 1921, but the recipe has changed slightly over time.

5cl vodka

4 drops of Worcestershire sauce

2 drops of Tabasco

2 cl freshly squeezed lemon juice

A little salt and pepper

10 cl tomatjuice


Mix vodka, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, lemon juice, salt and pepper in a long drink glass. Add ice cubes and stir in the tomato juice.

Garnish the Bloody Mary with a celery stick

Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary

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