Buble tea - bubble

Buble tea was first made in Taiwan, but has gradually become popular all over the world. The bubbles are tapioca balls, you cook until they become like gel balls. In addition, you use the desired tea, I can recommend it in the picture, which is well suited for buble tea. Once the tapioca beads are cooked, store them in brine until they are ready to use so they do not dry out again. Buble tea is served cold, so feel free to use ice cubes.

Sugar brine:

2 dl water

2.5 dl sugar

Boil water and sugar and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. Cool and store cold in a tight container.


Boil tapioca pearls according to the instructions on the package. You will find pearls that have a short cooking time, 5-10 min. I cooked them in the picture for over an hour. Check if they are done, by picking one up with a teaspoon, chew on it and check that it has got a gel consistency and if not, boil a little more. Rinse in colander and place it in the sugar sheet.

Buble tea:

Make tea according to the instructions on the package and cool.

Fish up tapioca pearls from the sugar sheet and into the glass they are to be served in. Mix the cold tea with milk - 50/50 and pour over the pearls. Serve buble tea, preferably with a large straw, through which you get the pearls, or with a teaspoon.

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