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Coconut ice cream is one of my favorites from the ice cream world. The first coconut recipe came from Australia, but it is made in most countries with coconut palms and the accessories vary according to each individual countryContinue reading " Coconut Ice"

Chicken in creamy mushroom sauce with grapes

Chicken in creamy mushroom sauce with grapes is a tasty Sunday dinner, which can also be made from pork fillet or turkey breast. The recipe is suitable for 4 people. 1 whole chicken, or 800g chicken-Continue reading " Chicken in creamy mushroom sauce with grapes"

Redfish baked in panko and parsley with tartar sauce and french fries

This delicious dish with redfish is suitable for both children and adults. The juicy eel is covered in a crispy, tasty shell of panko, parsley and fish seasoning. If you don't get Continue reading "Redfish baked in panko and parsley with tartar sauce and cheat fries"

Barbecue skewers with BBQ sauce

BBQ sauce: 1 finely chopped onion 2 tbsp olive oil 4 cloves of finely chopped garlic 2 dl ketchup 2 dl brown sugar 1 dl apple cider vinegar 1 lime juice and finely grated rind (only the green) Continue reading "Barbecue skewers with BBQ sauce"


Panda ice cream is made from pandan leaves, which grow in Southeast Asia. The taste can be reminiscent of vanilla and you get a nice green color on the ice cream. You can buy pandan leaves in Continue reading "Pandanis"

Scrambled eggs - egg mince

Scrambled eggs or chopped eggs, I hardly think I know anyone who doesn't like them. It tastes good, both for breakfast, lunch, cured meats and with smoked salmon. It is very easy to make Continue reading "Scrambled eggs - chopped eggs"

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