Waffle chip burger bread

Waffle chip burger bread is a new and exciting burger bread variety. It is easy to make and tastes really good. You can either make them in the waffle iron, or in the toilet star. I have quite a large Continue reading "Waffle Chip Burger Bread"

Million Dollar Spaghetti

Million Dollar Spaghetti is a delicious variation of spaghetti, resembling lasagna. It's a good idea to let the meat sauce cook for a long time, because then the tomatoes will be sweeter and the sauce will have a rounderContinue reading " Million Dollar Spaghetti"

Marinated chicken breast in burger bread

Marinated chicken breast in burger bread is an easy and tasty dish, which is suitable for both lunch and dinner. This recipe is suitable for 4 people. Marinade for the Chicken: The Juice ofContinue Reading " Marinated Chicken Breast in Burger Bread"

Shrovetide buns - a little more fun

Mardi Gras buns can be made a little more fun. It is mostly the imagination that limits. I went a bit crazy this time and took a bit of everything from the candy shelves. This variation is with Continue reading "Halloween buns - a little more fun"

French macaroons with salted caramel

French macaroons with salted caramel may sound strange, but it doesn't taste salty, it just gives the caramel a little better flavor. Macaroon batter 125 g almond flour 175 g icing sugar 110 gContinue reading " French macaroons with salted caramel"

Grandma's very easy and cheap pasta dish

Grandma's very easy and cheap pasta dish isn't amazing, but it's truly one of my childhood big favorites. Grandma made the whole pan full and we ate like horses. AsContinue reading " Grandma's Very Easy and Cheap Pasta Dish"

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