Coconut ice cream with caramel sauce

Coconut ice cream with caramel sauce is one of my favorite desserts. If you can't get your hands on pandan leaves, you can use a good quality vanilla bean divided lengthwise instead. Coconut ice cream: 5Continue reading " Coconut ice cream with caramel sauce"

You would collect

Coconut ice cream is one of my favorites from the ice cream world. The first coconut recipe came from Australia, but it is made in most countries with coconut palms and the accessories vary according to each individual countryContinue reading " Coconut Ice"


Empanadas are originally from Spain, but have spread to Portugal and to South and Central America in connection with colonization. Spain has gradually made larger empanadas, while Portugal andContinue reading "Empanadas"

Taco Kalv

Taco veal is one of the best dishes I know from South and Central America. If you do not have access to veal, you can use other beef fillet. I use homemade taco seasoning Continue reading "Taco Calf"

Chicken with mango, papaya and ginger

Chicken with mango, papaya and ginger is a dish served in parts of the Caribbean and South and Central America. You can make it stronger or milder by adjusting the amount of chilli. This Continue reading "Chicken with mango, papaya and ginger"

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