Shrovetide buns - a little more fun

Mardi Gras buns can be made a little more fun. It is mostly the imagination that limits. I went a bit crazy this time and took a bit of everything from the candy shelves. This variation is with Continue reading "Halloween buns - a little more fun"


Aquavit herring is good, even if you don't like aquavit too and it's probably my dad's favorite herring. I think everyone likes herring, it's just a matter of finding the right oneContinue reading " Aquavit herring"

Veiled peasant dicks

Veiled peasant pies are a traditional dessert and were often served at my grandmother's house on Sundays. Veiled farmer's dicks are served in more countries than Norway and are called änglamat in Sweden, farmer's girl withContinue reading " Veiled peasant dicks"

Tomato soup with eggs

Tomato soup with eggs is a classic that many have grown up with. Tomato soup is eaten in large parts of the world, but with some variations. It is made in almost the same way Continue reading "Tomato soup with eggs"

Cinnamon in the turn - cinnamon buns

Cinnamon in the swing - cinnamon buns are very good. I always make a double portion, fry what I'm not going to use for a few minutes less and put it in the freezer. When should I use Continue reading "Cinnamon in the swing - cinnamon buns"

Shrovetide buns

Shrovetide buns are a tradition with us. Lent actually means the evening before Lent and is the day that traditionally opened the Christian fast. I primarily associate Mardi Gras with decorated birch ice cream and Continue reading "Mardi Gras buns"

Cinnamon swirls with apples

Cinnamon rolls with apples taste fresh and good with apple cubes for everything sweet. They can also be made with pear cubes, if you prefer. 7 dl lukewarm milk 140 g Continue reading "Cinnamon rolls with apples"

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