Vietnamese salad with nuoc name dressing

Vietnamese salad with nuoc namdressing is fresh and crispy. The Vietnamese cuisine offers many flavors and here you get them all in one and the same salad, both sour, strong, sweetContinue reading "Vietnamese salad with nuoc namdressing"

Tomato soup with eggs

Tomato soup with eggs is a classic that many have grown up with. Tomato soup is eaten in large parts of the world, but with some variations. It is made in almost the same way Continue reading "Tomato soup with eggs"

Pea soup like grandma made it

Pea soup, as grandma made it, tastes indescribably good. Pea soup is a delicious traditional dish and can be used for both dinner, lunch and supper. In my childhood we often used larger pieces Continue reading "Pea soup as grandma made it"

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