Coconut chicken

Coconut chicken is a dish that's easy to multiply the recipe and make in a large pot, if there are many people to eat. This recipe is fit for 4Continue reading " Coconut Chicken"

South African stew

South African stew has a slightly unusual taste, but is very good. It consists of several elements, a peanut sauce, harissa-ajvar, corn rice and yogurt. Harissa-ajvar is very strong, so it's nice that Continue reading "South African Stew"

Moose stew with bacon

Moose casserole with bacon, good spices and cream, is a delicious autumn or winter dish and you can use the toughest parts of the moose, since it will cook for several hours, for Continue reading "Moose casserole with bacon"

Reindeer stew - delicious autumn food

Reindeer casserole is wonderful autumn food. Along with almond potato puree and Brussels sprouts with bacon, feel free to serve it to guests. 2 onions in strips 2 pk sliced mushrooms 1 kg reindeer meat inContinue reading "Reindeer casserole – delicious autumn food"

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