Falafel med hummus og tahinisaus

Falafel med hummus og tahinisaus er en nydelig rett fra Midtøsten. Falafel er kikertkaker med mye smak, og flere av landene i området mener at det er akkurat dem somFortsett å lese «Falafel med hummus og tahinisaus»

Lamb meat kebab with cacık

Lamb meat kebabs with cacık are delicious food, used in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. How about replacing the burger on the grill with a lamb kebab? This variation is made by Continue reading "Lamb meat kebab with cacık"


Lamb dumpling biriyani is perhaps my favorite South Asian dish and dear child has many names, e.g. biriani, beriani, briyani, breyani, briani, birani, buriyani, bariania and beriani. Lamb biriyani has lots of flavor and the onion on Continue reading "Lamb biriyani"

Naan bread with coriander

Nanbrød is a lovely addition to the food in many countries. It is easy to make naan bread yourself, and it tastes much better than the ones you can buy in the grocery store. This Continue reading "Nan bread with coriander"

Nan bread with garlic and coriander

Nan bread with garlic and coriander is a good variant of naan bread, as an almost obligatory accompaniment to Indian, Iranian, Afghan or Pakistani food. This recipe makes 8 wonderful naan breads with a Continue reading "Nan bread with garlic and coriander"


Shakshouka (shakshuka, shakshoka, schakschuka) is served for breakfast in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Israel. The dish is probably from Tunisia, but is Israel's national dish. We Continue reading "Shakshouka"

Naan bread with onion seeds (Nigella seeds)

Naan bread with onion seeds (Nigella seeds) is the most common naan bread. It is a natural part of Indian food, but they are also popular in many other countries in South and West Asia. Nanbrød Continue reading "Nanbrød with onion seeds (Nigella seeds)"

Khobz, khubz, khobez, khubez, khubooz, kesra agroum

Khobz is an Arabic bread, which is often used as an accompaniment to tagine. Dear child, as you know, has many names and this bread is no exception. 1 ltr wheat flour 2 Continue reading "Khobz, khoubz, khobez, khubez, khubooz, kesra, agroum"

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