Chops with an absolutely delicious sauce

A few years ago, I was served a sauce for pork chops, which gave the pork chop meal a whole new dimension. I can really recommend this sauce wholeheartedly. The sweetness in the sauce, rounds of Continue reading "Meat sticks with an absolutely delicious sauce"

On Christmas Day we eat a long Christmas breakfast

On Christmas Day we eat a long Christmas breakfast, with lots of delicious food and everyone who can crawl and walk is invited. I have a fairly large kitchen island and there we put forwardContinue reading " On Christmas Day we eat a long Christmas breakfast"

Perfect, homemade caramel pudding

Caramel pudding is one of my favorite desserts. We always use it on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but also for other special occasions. If you follow this recipe, you are guaranteed to Continue reading "Perfect, homemade caramel pudding"


Thai herring is one of the newer herring varieties on the breakfast table at Christmas, with us. It may sound strange to mix herring with Thai, but this herring variety has made great successContinue reading " Thai herring"

Cheesecake with a taste of Christmas

Cheesecake with the taste of Christmas is a bit of work, but it is worth the work. It tastes good and if you're a bit artistic, it can look really delicious. 300 g gingerbread Continue reading "Cheesecake with the taste of Christmas"

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