Pasta pillows with pancetta sauce

Pasta pillows with pancetta sauce are made from delicious pasta pillows, filled with mushrooms and you can buy them ready-made. If you cannot buy pancetta, which is the Italian bacon, you can Continue reading "Pasta cushions with pancetta sauce"

Pea soup like grandma made it

Pea soup, as grandma made it, tastes indescribably good. Pea soup is a delicious traditional dish and can be used for both dinner, lunch and supper. In my childhood we often used larger pieces Continue reading "Pea soup as grandma made it"


Beef salad is great to make if you have leftovers from a steak meal. The recipe can also be used for other meats, such as chicken. Salad leaves, preferably several kinds of Cucumber, divided inContinue reading " Beef Salad"

Pasta pads with lemon sauce and truffles

Pasta pads with cheese sauce and truffles are a favorite with us. You can buy ready-made pasta pads to your liking, or you can make yourself, you can find the recipe for homemade ravioli here. Continue reading " Pasta pillows with lemon sauce and truffles"

Marinated chicken breast in burger bread

Marinated chicken breast in burger bread is an easy and tasty dish, which is suitable for both lunch and dinner. This recipe is suitable for 4 people. Marinade for the Chicken: The Juice ofContinue Reading " Marinated Chicken Breast in Burger Bread"

Šopska salad

Šopska salad is a delicious salad, served in Bulgaria, Turkey, the Caucasus, Russia and the Balkans. They use a goat cheese called siren, but I haven't found it in anyContinue reading " Šopska salad"

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