Thai herring is one of the newer herring varieties on the breakfast table at Christmas, with us. It may sound strange to mix herring with Thai, but this herring variety has made great successContinue reading " Thai herring"


Aquavit herring is good, even if you don't like aquavit too and it's probably my dad's favorite herring. I think everyone likes herring, it's just a matter of finding the right oneContinue reading " Aquavit herring"

Chicken salad with curry and pineapple

Chicken salad with curry and pineapple tastes great on the slice of bread, rolls or in a baguette. I think it might be good to make toppings myself and this chicken salad, with great tasteContinue reading " Chicken salad with curry and pineapple"

Mackerel in tomato - homemade

When we have mackerel left after dinner, either fried or grilled, I cook mackerel in tomato and it is very popular in our family. 2 dl chilli sauce 1/2 dl apple cider vinegar 1/2 dl sugar Freshly caught mackerel Continue reading "Mackerel in tomato - homemade"

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