Empanadas are originally from Spain, but have spread to Portugal and to South and Central America in connection with colonization. Spain has gradually made larger empanadas, while Portugal andContinue reading "Empanadas"

Sea bream with Mediterranean side dishes

Sea bream with Mediterranean accessories provides nourishment for pleasant holiday memories. Dorade or golden sea bream, as it is called in Norwegian, is a fish that lives along the west coast of Europe and in the Mediterranean. Most Continue reading “Dorado with Mediterranean accessories”

Pork in Alentejo

Carne de porco á Alentejana is a delicious pot, which is traditional food on Portugal's Algarve coast. The reason they chose to call it "á Alentejana" is that AlentejosContinue reading "Carne de porco á Alentejana"

Piri piri chicken with baked potatoes and yoghurt salad

Piri piri chicken is served in Angola, Mozambique and Portugal. It has a bit of a kick, but you can use more chili if you want it stronger. 1 whole chicken with skin Marinade: Continue reading "Piri Piri Chicken with Baked Potatoes and Yoghurt Salad"

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