Hot chicken salad

Hot chicken salad is a fresh and tasty dish with the taste of the East. If you don't want it so hot, you can halve the amount of sriracha. The chicken: 600 g chicken thigh fillet in strips Continue reading "Hot chicken salad"


Kachumbari is a fresh salad, used in East Africa. Kachumbari is a Swahili word, which is derived from the Indian word for cucumber. This salad is used as a side dish for dinner. Continue reading "Kachumbari"


Beef salad is great to make if you have leftovers from a steak meal. The recipe can also be used for other meats, such as chicken. Salad leaves, preferably several kinds of Cucumber, divided inContinue reading " Beef Salad"

Šopska salad

Šopska salad is a delicious salad, served in Bulgaria, Turkey, the Caucasus, Russia and the Balkans. They use a goat cheese called siren, but I haven't found it in anyContinue reading " Šopska salad"

Chicken salad with curry and pineapple

Chicken salad with curry and pineapple tastes great on the slice of bread, rolls or in a baguette. I think it might be good to make toppings myself and this chicken salad, with great tasteContinue reading " Chicken salad with curry and pineapple"

Vietnamese salad with nuoc name dressing

Vietnamese salad with nuoc namdressing is fresh and crispy. The Vietnamese cuisine offers many flavors and here you get them all in one and the same salad, both sour, strong, sweetContinue reading "Vietnamese salad with nuoc namdressing"

Beef salad with mango and curry dressing

Beef salad with mango and curry dressing is one of my favorite salads and if you don't want to fry beef, you can use roast beef, which they have in all grocery stores. The dressing: 1/2 cup Continue reading "Beef salad with mango and curry dressing"

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