Lam shawarma

Lamb shawarma is a variant of kebab and is widely used in the Middle East. The word shawarma originally comes from the Turkish word çevirme, which means rotating or spinning. I buy ready-made lefserContinue reading " Lam shawarma"

Lean Pogača

Posna Pogača is a white bread that is eaten in the Balkans, Hungary, Turkey and Greece. The bread is called slightly differently in the different countries (Pogača, Pogacha, Pogácsa, Pošaça, Pogaçe). The bread can eitherContinue reading " Posna Pogača"

Šopska salad

Šopska salad is a delicious salad, served in Bulgaria, Turkey, the Caucasus, Russia and the Balkans. They use a goat cheese called siren, but I haven't found it in anyContinue reading " Šopska salad"

Lamb meat kebab with cacık

Kebabs of lamb mince with cacık are delicious food, used in the Balkans and in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. How about replacing the burger on the grill with lamb kebabs? ThisContinue reading «Kebab of lamb mince pie with cacık»

Börek (banitsa) with lamb mince

Börek (banitsa) with lamb mince may look good, but just wait until you taste it. Spicy lamb filling with pine nuts and sultanas (possibly raisins) rolled in layers Continue reading "Börek (banitsa) with lamb dough"

Lamb dough kebab

Lamb dough kebabs are more than what you can buy in Norwegian street kitchens. Try making it yourself and get a completely different experience. It's not a lot of work and Continue reading "Lamb dough kebab"

Pita – pide – pitka – pitta – pyada – lepinje – aish baladi

Pita is a flat bread, which is widely used in the Middle East and the countries of the eastern part of the Mediterranean. It is called pitta or pide in Turkey, pitka in Bulgaria, pitta inContinue reading " Pita – pide – pitka – pitta – pyada – lepinje – aish baladi"

Homemade pita kebab - healthier and better

Homemade kebabs in pita are healthier and better, so I make the kebabs myself. The big difference from the one you buy in a fast food restaurant is that mine contains clean meat and Continue reading "Homemade kebab in pita - healthier and better"

Turkish pasta salad

Turkish pasta salad is a delicious lunch or dinner dish. It can also be used as part of a meze (small dishes from the eastern and southern Mediterranean). I have used Turkish pasta, which Continue reading "Turkish Pasta Salad"

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