Homemade sausage with red cabbage

Homemade sausage with red cabbage tastes absolutely fantastic, but you can use ready-made sausage as well, but then I recommend the coarse variety. We have made Christmas sausage ourselves and it tastes goodContinue reading " Homemade sausage with red cabbage"

Veiled peasant dicks

Veiled peasant pies are a traditional dessert and were often served at my grandmother's house on Sundays. Veiled farmer's dicks are served in more countries than Norway and are called änglamat in Sweden, farmer's girl withContinue reading " Veiled peasant dicks"

Pork roast in sous vide with old-fashioned brown sauce

Pork roast in sous vide with old-fashioned brown sauce is a traditional dish, made in a new way. The sous vide treatment gives a tender and juicy roast. Season the roast with salt and pepperContinue reading " Pork roast in sous vide with old-fashioned brown sauce"

Deviled eggs

Devil eggs are suitable as an accompaniment to smoked salmon, or as part of a smorgasbord or as a tapas dish. There are many recipes for devil eggs, but this is my favorite. Devil's egg becomesContinue reading " Devil Egg"


Wiener schnitzel is used a lot, both in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. When I was little, it was common to serve it in cafes and roadside inns and I thought it was a real treat. Continue reading "Wiener Schnitzel"

Tomato soup with eggs

Tomato soup with eggs is a classic that many have grown up with. Tomato soup is eaten in large parts of the world, but with some variations. It is made in almost the same way Continue reading "Tomato soup with eggs"

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