Cabbage Roulette Day

Cabbage Roulette Day (Cabbage Dolmen's Day) is celebrated in Sweden today. It is celebrated on the death anniversary of Charles XII and, according to the association "Friends of the Cabbage Dolmen", is a reminder that Swedish culture has always had exchanges with other cultures. The origin of this dish is probably that Charles XII brought the dish home from Turkey in the 1600s. Fortunately,continue reading " Day of Cabbage Roulette"

Finland's National Day

Finland celebrates its National Day commemorating the Proclamation of Independence in 1917. They don't have a big celebration, but the flags are hoisted and at six o'clock in the evening two candles are lit in the windows. This is a custom that goes far back in time and symbolizes the Finnish identity associated with the day. The Finnish food traditions are similar to the Norwegian ones with a lotContinue reading " Finland's National Day"

Damn birthday

The fan's birthday is, according to tradition, a humorous name for the dates of June 11 and December 11, when interest on mortgages fell due. The old custom of setting the terms to these two dates has gradually disappeared. Since I have a dish that in English means "devil's spaghetti" on the blog, I thought it might be a good fitContinue reading " Fanden's birthday"

Lucia Day

Lucia Day or Lussi Mass is a day of remembrance in the liturgical calendars of the Catholic Church and of the Orthodox Church for the Sicilian martyr Saint Lucia. In Norway, it is mostly celebrated in kindergartens, with Lucia processions and baking of lice cats. You can find the recipe for lice cats here.

Ice Cream and Violin Day in the United States

Ice cream and violin are a strange combination for a food day, but if you put on beautiful violin music and curl up in your armchair with some homemade ice cream, it feels pretty right nonetheless. Today I'm going to tempt you with yogurt ice cream and you can find the recipe here. If you want to subscribe to news from the blog,Continue reading " Ice Cream and Violin Day in the United States"

Stiltondagen in Great Britain

Stilton is a British cheese, which is produced in two varieties, blue and white. Both have been granted protected status by the European Commission and this means that only cheese produced in the three counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire can be called Stilton. Blue Stilton with Port wine, which is sold on Menu just before Christmas every year, is my absolute favorite cheeseContinue reading " Stylon Day in the UK"

Christmas Eve

This is one of the cosiest days of the year, with us and we start with a moth with beer and aquavit at 12.00. The dinner, which is ribs with milk and sauerkraut, is served in the evening. When I was younger, dinner was always at five o'clock, but we're not so careful about that anymore, since everyone tends tokeep reading " Christmas Eve"

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is the last day of the year and marks the end of the Gregorian calendar year and the beginning of a new one, which begins with New Year's Day. Samoa and Kiribati, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, are the first to celebrate the new year. If you need tips for the New Year's menu, there are a lot of exciting things to choose from here.

Myanmar National Day

Myanmar (formerly Burma) celebrates its National Day on January 4, after gaining independence from Britain in 1948. Myanmar has borders with Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. They also have a long coastline on the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. This means that they have an exciting food culture, characterized by both neighboring countries and the sea. You will find exciting recipesContinue reading " Myanmar's National Day"

Peanut butter

The very first to add peanut butter were the Incas, but the United States adopted it and put it into production in 1895 and has been one of their most popular toppings ever since. I almost never use peanut butter on my slice of bread, but very often as an ingredient in dishes. USA celebrates Peanut Butter Day today and if you too wantto continue reading " Peanut Butter Day"

India's National Day

Today, India celebrates its National Day, in memory of becoming a republic in 1950. They have two other celebrations as well, Independence Day and the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. The National Day is celebrated with ceremonial parades. We celebrate with Indian food today and they really have a varied food culture. You can find many exciting and tasty dishes here.

Sri Lanka celebrates its National Day

Sri Lanka has celebrated its National Day on 4 February since 1948, when it gained independence from the UK. They celebrate with a party in the streets and decorate both themselves and the elephants. We don't have elephants, but we can celebrate a little with delicious food from Sri Lanka on this day. You can find recipes here. If you wantto subscribe Continue reading " Sri Lanka celebrates its national day"

Sami National Day

The Sami National Day has been celebrated in Norway since 1992. It is an official flag day and is celebrated in slightly different ways, often with pleasant events for activities for the children. Schools and kindergartens often have Sami projects the days in advance, and on the day itself it has become common with solemn celebrations and parties. Many decorate themselves with SamiContinue reading " Sami National Day"

New Zealand National Day - Waitangi Day

New Zealand's National Day commemorates when European immigrants and Māori signed an agreement in 1840. The day is a public holiday, but it has been a tradition that Māori celebrate more than the descendants of the immigrants. The food in New Zealand cuisine is a mixture of Asian, European, Polynesian traditions. They use a lot of lamb andcontinue reading " New Zealand National Day – Waitangi Day"