Fresh tuna with new potatoes, mini tomatoes from own garden and gremolata

Fresh tuna tastes delicious and if you haven't tried it, I can really recommend it. It tastes completely different than the one in the box. Menu can provide tuna, just ask at the fresh produce counter.

Tuna is easy to cook. I lubricate it with olive oil and add salt and pepper. It can either be grilled or fried for 2 minutes on each side and then it is ready to be enjoyed.

Gremolata is my favorite accompaniment to fresh tuna. It is made in advance and eaten cold.

1 pot finely chopped dill

1 pot finely chopped parsley

2 cloves finely chopped garlic

1 glass of capers

2 finely shredded spring onions

2 dl mangoed thick

1 dl lemon oil

1 dl olive oil

Stir everything and put it covered, at room temperature, until it is to be eaten.

Serve fresh tuna with optional potatoes.


Fresh tuna
Fresh tuna

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