Foccacia is a delicious Italian bread, which goes well with soups, stews and tapas (or antipasti as it is called in Italy). It can also be used alone for lunch, filled with e.g. pesto, mozzarella and bacon. This variety is almost a meal in itself.

2 ts salt

1 pk dry yeast

1 kg Type 00-honey

Ca. 6 dl sale

2 dl olive oil

Mix together salt, dry yeast and flour. Add water and stir the dough together quickly without kneading (foccacia dough should be sticky). Put a little extra flour in the bowl before you cover it with foil and leave it to rise in the fridge overnight. Grease a baking tin with 1 dl olive oil, add the dough and press it well into the tin. Make small holes evenly in the surface of the dough, and fill these holes with 1 dl olive oil.

Foccacia with olives, sun-dried tomato, garlic and cheese

Sprinkle over whatever you want, e.g. olives, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, flaked salt and cheese. Let the bread rise a little before you bake it at 220 degrees for 20-25 minutes, or until the bread is just cooked through. Cool on a rack.

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