Grilled skewers with salad and garlic dressing in pita

Skewers with salad and garlic dressing in pita can be made with almost any kind of meat, such as beef, lamb, pork and chicken. It pays to marinate the meat overnight, but it's fine with a couple of hours too. You can buy pita ready-made and just heat in the oven or grill, or you can do like me, make them yourself.

Approx. 200 – 250 g meat per person


2 cloves garlic

1 dl sweet soy sauce

2 ss worcestersaus

2 dl sweet chili dipping sauce

Mix all the ingredients, divide the desired meat into cubes, mix them into the marinade and put it cold. Three meats on skewers, if you use wooden skewers, it's a good idea to leave them in water first so they don't catch fire so easily. Grill the skewers on all sides and serve with the accessories.

Garlic dressing:

100 g mayonnaise

100 g sour cream

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

2 tablespoons lemon juice

Salt and pepper

Stir everything together and taste if more lemon, salt or pepper is needed. Put cold until it is to be used.


The salad can be made to your liking and what is in season or you have in the fridge, eg:

Iceberg lettuce in strips

Paprika, preferably several colours


Diced pineapple





Spring onions



Edible flowers

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Pita bread
Homemade pita bread

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