Green beast

Green beast is my variation of "green beast", tastes mild of lime and anise and is one of my favorites. Green beast was first created by Charles Vexenat, who hails from Dijon, France, but has worked as a bartender in London and Ibiza. His version is made with water and mine with soda, so it gets some bubbles. Green beast is well suited as a welcome drink and can be made as a punch in a large bowl. You can replace absinthe with other varieties of anise liquor, but then it won't get that nice green tinge.

3 cl sugar cane syrup

6 slices of peeled cucumber, 3 with skin and 3 without

3 cl are absent

3 cl freshly squeezed lime juice

12 cl soda water

Crush 3 cucumber slices (without peel) together with syrup with a muddler. Add absinthe, lime juice and ice. Top upwith soda and pour 3 cucumber slices (with peel).



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