Completely on a berry walk in your own garden

We are very lucky to have a cozy garden. In addition to the small kitchen garden, we have a small nature area where blueberries, leatherback, cranberries and heather grow. In our small forest, we also have an anthill that we live in harmony with, except when they try to poison us and drag us back to the tua as food.

One of the best things I know is to bring in my own produce from the garden instead of buying it.

Today I have been a little round and found blueberries, strawberries, currants and physalis that I will use as an accompaniment to the panna cotta I will serve for dessert today. Panna cotta is the Italian answer to caramel pudding and is easy to make.

Pannacotta for 8:

10 dl fløte

200 g sukker

5 gelatinplater

2 vaniljestenger

Put the gelatin in a little cold water, so it becomes jelly-like.

Slowly boil 2 dl of the cream, together with the sugar and vanilla sticks divided in half and the seeds scraped out. The seeds must also be included. Let the mixture boil for two minutes.

Squeeze the water out of the gelatin and mix it into the cooked cream mixture. Add the rest of the cream and strain the panna cotta into 8 portion forms. Put the molds cold until they are to be served.

I often make another berry coulis, but today as I have such beautiful, home-made berries, I have chosen to decorate with them. You can easily make a berry coulis by taking the berries you want, e.g. raspberries, mash them with a hand mixer and stir in the icing sugar or stevia until it is suitably sweet, if you do not want bumps, strain the mass before serving.

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