Deer baby

Hjortebab is a kebab with Norwegian flavors and it tastes delicious.  This one is with deer meat, but you can use other game, cattle, or lamb as well. As a side dish I have used lettuce and as a dressing I have used cranberry rye. If you don't want to make pita bread yourself, you can buy half-baked bread.

Per person you need:

150 - 200 g venison (tenderloin, beef or other tender meat)

1/2 onion in strips

1 handful of mushrooms

1 teaspoon hunter mix spice

1-2 lettuce leaves

1-2 pita bread

Cranberry sour cream, which you can find the recipe for HERE .

Fry deer, onion and mushrooms in a little oil. Add hunter mix. Heat the pita breads in the oven, or make them yourself. You can find the recipe HERE .

Fill the pita breads with lettuce and the meat mixture. Top the stag babe with the delicious dressing and enjoy.

Deer baby
Deer baby

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