Hugo is a fresh drink with the taste of elderflower. It comes from South Tyrol and is drunk a lot in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. It is suitable both as a welcome drink and as something to cool off on hot summer evenings. You can find sugar cane syrup and elderflower syrup in well-stocked grocery stores, or you can order online.

1 kvist mynte

1/2 lime i skiver

1 ss sugar cane syrup

1 ss hylleblomstsirup

2,5 dl Prosecco eller hvit musserende vin 236 ml

1 – 2 ss sodavann


Crush the mint a little in a mortar to extract some of the flavor. You can either remove the leaves from the stem or keep them on. Place the mint in a glass and add lime slices, elderflower syrup, sugar cane syrup, Prosecco and a splash of soda water.
Stir together and serve with ice.

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