I like to experiment with new ingredients and got hold of camel meat from my son, after the Harry trade in Sweden. This recipe can be used for other types of meat as well, such as. lamb or cattle.

If you do not have a tagine, you can use a pot.

4 tablespoons neutral oil

2 onions shredded

4 cloves garlic finely chopped

600 g of camel meat in strips

2 finely chopped chilies

1 cm fresh ginger

1 pinch of saffron

1 cinnamon bark (or 1 teaspoon regular cinnamon)

1 ss Raz el Hanout



some chicken power

the juice of 1 lime

1 box of chopped tomatoes, preferably Mutti

1 box of chickpeas

Dried fruit, in small cubes, e.g. figs, apricots and dates

Pour oil into the tagnin and heat it up. Add onion, garlic and meat and let everything brown, stirring constantly, until it gets a nice color. Add the rest of the ingredients.

Stir everything well together and now the rest does itself. Put on the lid and fill cold water in the small room at the top. This means that when the moisture from the food evaporates, it cools down in the lid and flows back into the food. We check from time to time that it does not boil dry and fill if necessary. on more power if it is not moist enough. This dish almost gets better the longer it is allowed to cook. If you use meat from the forequarters, it must stand for a long time, preferably 2-4 hours, while the fillet is finished after about 30 min. Served with couscous or bulgur.


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