Pizza vindaloo

I got the idea for pizza on my way home from work. I came to think that I have never ever tasted an Indian-inspired pizza, and thought that it could certainly be good. I found a glass of vindaloo sauce in the cold room and then it became easy. If I may say so myself, it was very successful.


300 g lamb in strips (possibly chicken or other meat you fancy)

1 onion in strips

1 glass of Indian vindaloos sauce

2 peppers in strips (preferably different colors)

200-300 g fox cheese of your choice, preferably several kinds and preferably well stored

1 small pot of fresh coriander

Brown the meat and and the onion in a little oil. Add the sauce and let it boil a little, until the sauce has the right consistency and not too liquid.

Make a pizza base, you will find a recipe for a very good base here

After the bottom is precooked a little, the filling is put on, then cheese and peppers. Bake pizza vindaloo in the oven at 225 degrees until the cheese is golden. Sprinkle with cilantro and serve. If you wish, you can serve pizza vindaloo with raita and pappadums.


Pizza vindaloo
Pizza vindaloo

You will find several exciting pizza varieties here .

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