Pornstar martini

Pornstar martini requires some preparation, but fy flat, as good as it is. I always have vanilla vodka standing and the passion fruit puree I make plenty of, because this drink gives more flavor.

2 cl passoa

4 cl vanilla flavored vodka (see below)

2 cl passion fruit puree (see below)

2 cl pineapple juice


1/2 passion fruit for garnish

Mix the ingredients in a shaker and shake well. Pour into a martini glass and garnish with passion fruit.

Pornstar martini
Pornstar martini

Vanilla Vodka:

Divide 1 vanilla bean lengthwise, put it in a small bottle and pour over vodka. Let stand for about 1 week.

Passion fruit puree:

3-4 passion fruit per drink is divided in half and the contents are scraped out into a liter measure. Drive to a steady mass with a hand blender and sift through a sieve.


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