Chocolate cake with caramel and peanuts

Chocolate cake with caramel and peanuts is reminiscent of snickers and I think it is suitable both as a dessert and for coffee. The cake can be made ready the day before.

Cake base:

1.75 dl rapeseed oil

400 g sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

3 egg

300 g wheat flour

100 g cocoa

2.5 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

2.5 dl milk

1 dl yoghurt

2 dl hot, strong coffee

Stir oil and sugar together in the food processor, before adding vanilla and stirring in eggs one by one. Mix the dry ingredients well together in a bowl and mix together milk and yogurt in a liter measure. Stir the dry mixture and milk mixture alternately into the egg mixture. Finally, mix in the hot coffee. Spread the batter into two greased cake pans of about 20 cm in diameter and bake them on the middle rack, at 180 degrees for about 60 minutes. Check that they are cooked through with a cookie stick. Let the cookies cool 10 minutes in the molds, before removing them from the molds and cooling them further on a rack. Wrap them in some foil and put them cold until they are to be decorated. They may be allowed to stand until the next day, before being used.


300 g butter

600 g of honey

50 g cocoa powder

1/2 dl milk

100 g white cooking chocolate, melted and slightly cooled

100 g dark cooking chocolate, melted and slightly cooled

Beat the butter in a food processor and add icing sugar in several batches while whipping. Stir in the cocoa, then the milk and finally the chocolate. The glaze will be smooth and supple and not flow outwards, so add more icing sugar.


Cake bases


Caramel sauce from a bottle

Peanuts w/ salt

Divide both cakes in half so that you have four equally thick bottoms. Put the first bottom on a platter and spread some of the glaze over. Grate over caramel sauce and sprinkle with peanuts. Put on the next bottom and repeat until you have laid on the top cake base.

Decorate to my liking and imagination, I have used cake decorations from Cacas, chocolate eggs and caramelized popcorn.

Leave the cake cold until ready to use.

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