Mussels with a taste of the East

I'm very fond of mussels and very fond of food from South-East Asia, so to combine this, I think will be really good. 1 finely chopped onion 1 cm grated ginger 2Continue reading " Mussels with taste of the East"

Belgium's National Day

Belgium's national day is July 21. The celebration started when King Leopold I was crowned Belgium's first king in 1831. How about making Belgium's national dish today? You will find Continue reading "Belgium's National Day"

Mussels with apple juice from Fiskum fruit press

Mussels with applesauce from Fiskum fruit press are the favorite of the man in the house. The mussels are good, but the stock makes the most delicious soup, which can be served alone or together with the mussels. This recipe Continue reading "Mussels with applesauce from Fiskum fruktpresseri"

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