Aquavit herring is good, even if you don't like aquavit too and it's probably my dad's favorite herring. I think everyone likes herring, it's just a matter of finding the right oneContinue reading " Aquavit herring"

The best day of Christmas - 1st Christmas Day

Christmas Day is the best day of Christmas, I think. We sit down at the breakfast table at 12.00 and we stay there until the system man goes to bed. We serve lots of delicious Continue reading "The best day of Christmas - Christmas Day"

Advent – decorating and looking forward to Christmas

Advent – we decorate and look forward to Christmas and it is cozy during the polar night. I spend a fair amount of time decorating and preparing for Christmas. I always think it'sKeep reading " Advent – we decorate and look forward to Christmas"


Horseradish herring tastes fresh and good and appeals to most people. If you have never cooked herring before, this is a good place to start. 8 cured herring fillets 5 dl sour cream Continue reading "Horse herring"

Medister cakes

Medister cakes belong to Christmas, along with ribs, Medister sausages and sausages. I always make the medister cakes for Sunday dinner well before Christmas and freeze the rest, so it doesn't get too hectic Continue reading "Medister cakes"

Christmas tree decoration

Decorating for Christmas is one of the nicest things I know. When it comes to Christmas tree decorations, I have been saving for many years and the Christmas tree is harmonious and completely crackling Continue reading "Christmas tree decorations"

Cabaret eller aspik

Cabaret is one of the festive dishes of childhood. It was always on the cold table and I think it still tastes good, with homemade tartar sauce (remoulade). The beauty of the cabaret is that it likes Continue reading "Cabaret or aspik"

Mustard herring with green apples

Mustard herring can be served as a good side dish for Christmas breakfast, for a cold table or for a herring table. If you haven't found your favorite herring yet, this could be the one you've been waiting for. 300 Continue reading "Mustard herring with green apples"

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