Belgium's National Day

Belgium's national day is July 21. The celebration started when King Leopold I was crowned Belgium's first king in 1831. How about making Belgium's national dish today? You will find Continue reading "Belgium's National Day"

Home-made outdoor kitchen with new elements

Home-made outdoor kitchen with new elements is a pleasant improvement every spring. I've written about our outdoor kitchen before, but we've gotten a couple of new elements since then. I foundContinue reading "Home-made outdoor kitchen with new elements"

Thunder, innekos and kje in the oven

Thunder, innekos and kje in the oven, so today was the big day for innekos. Not even Barolo or Leon Amarone of Moltemyr would be out. We always buy Continue reading "Thunder, innekos and kje in the oven"

Morning has gold in its mouth

Morning time has gold in your mouth, you could say, when you wake up to such lovely weather. A new, wonderful summer day and I have received a number of questions about the outdoor kitchen. I Continue reading "The morning has gold in its mouth"

A simple summer table out in the rain

A simple summer table outside in the rain on a hot summer day can be cosy, as long as you sit under cover. I have covered summer tables with runners from Black Design and crockery from Continue reading "A simple summer table out in the rain"

Home-made outdoor kitchen

A homemade outdoor kitchen is both cozy and unique. Here we have used dismantled flower tables from Claes Ohlson, which have been assembled together with materials from our old gray fence. I have sewn Continue reading "Home-built outdoor kitchen"

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