The best day of Christmas - 1st Christmas Day

Christmas Day is the best day of Christmas, I think. We sit down at the breakfast table at 12.00 and we stay there until the system man goes to bed. We serve lots of delicious Continue reading "The best day of Christmas - Christmas Day"

Baked potato – a lunch or evening snack that makes itself

Baked potato is a dish you can make as simple or complicated as you want. You can fill it with spice butter and use it as an accompaniment to dinner. It's alsoContinue reading " Baked potato – a lunch or evening shoe that makes itself"

Homemade pita kebab - healthier and better

Homemade kebabs in pita are healthier and better, so I make the kebabs myself. The big difference from the one you buy in a fast food restaurant is that mine contains clean meat and Continue reading "Homemade kebab in pita - healthier and better"

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