White pizza with bacon and pineapple

White pizza with bacon and pineapple is not so common, but very good. I am becoming increasingly fond of white pizza and have tried my hand at many varieties. If pizza sauceContinue reading "White pizza with bacon and pineapple"

Tacopizza – texmexpizza

Tacopizza or texmexpizza can be made as strong or weak as you like and you can also vary the accessories. I think it's a nice variation on Taco Friday. I make my own Continue reading "Tacopizza - texmexpizza"


Tapas leftover pizza is great when you have tapas leftovers. We eat tapas quite often and much of the reason is that it can be varied almost endlessly. Recipe for pizza base can be found Continue reading "Tapasrestepizza"

Four cheese pizza

Pizza quattro formaggi, or pizza with four cheeses, is one of the traditional Italian pizza varieties. I always eat it when I'm in Italy and think it can taste absolutely Continue reading "Pizza quattro formaggi"

Tex-Mex pizza with chicken

Texmexpizza with chicken is a great way to vary the Friday taco and this, with chicken, tastes good for both children and adults. Base: 550 g flour, preferably tipo 00 1 Continue reading "Texmexpizza with chicken"

Pizza with 6 cheeses and olives

Pizza with 6 cheeses and olives is the perfect pizza for cheese lovers. I think pizza with four cheeses, or pizza quattro formaggi is one of the best pizzas, but some Continue reading "Pizza with 6 cheeses and olives"

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